There are singers all round the globe that unleash a worthy listen, an enjoyable song and a memorable sound. There are very few singers in the universe who embed that utterly unique tone you instantly, undoubtedly recognise. That captivating, spine-tingling, soulful, big voice that warrants a superstar status.

Anastacia is just this. A superstar.

Anastacia has been on a long journey both in life and with her career in music. It was just over 16 years ago, in 2000, that Anastacia had her first hit with ‘l’m Outta Love’ which became the biggest selling single of the year from her first studio album ‘Not That Kind’. She went on to further success with a 8 studio albums that threw her towards superstar status selling over 30 million records to date.

For anyone who doesn’t know the challenges Anastacia has faced, there have been a few. In April 2013, she was diagnosed with breast cancer for the 2nd time in her life 10 years to the month after her first battle. Some would have crumbled, fallen at this hurdle but Anastacia refused to let it get the better of her.

“The Big ‘C’ has a dark cloud, people automatically think death. l didn’t.”

In the back of her mind she knew this day might come, so as much as one can never really prepare themselves for such news, she researched her options and was certain of her plan. Not a light decision to say the least, but she was to undergo a double mastectomy and rid her breast cancer once and for all. This process would be intense and require ‘time out’ for recovery, but until the day of the operation she found solace in writing a journal of songs. A cathartic approach, something to focus on. She found herself again, speaking out to the world with 2014’s ‘Resurrection’.

15 years after her breakout hit, Anastacia released ‘The Ultimate Collection’ on November 6th 2015. This album saw the superstar return to her native label home of Sony Music, the label where she debuted and released her breakout smash hits including ‘I’m Outta Love’, ‘Left Outside Alone’ and ‘Paid My Dues’. Embarking back out on the road, The Ultimate Collection Tour saw Anastacia perform over 110 shows throughout the Northern Hemisphere - and, not content with just that, simultaneously saw Anastacia write and record her latest studio album in Stockholm.

With her personal highs and lows, as well as the experience of working in the industry for nearly 20 years, Anastacia created ‘Evolution’. It's an honest resumé that gets deep under the skin, and doesn't only examine the radiant highlights. "A lot has happened in every decade of my life", recalls the daughter of a singer and a Broadway actress. "I went through many highs, but also many lows. I've experienced great moments and also moments where I'd really reached rock bottom. All of this can be found on the new songs, and of course what I learned from it."

"Evolution" presents Anastacia at the height of her creativity. It's an album bursting with pure energy. Captivating rock numbers alternate with catchy pop songs and moving ballads, dominated by Anastacia's immediately-recognisable soulful voice with its characteristic, slight scratchiness. She describes her unconventional style mix as "SPRock music" – a well-balanced mixture of soul, pop and rock, which the singer enriches with a few stylistically-surprising elements. With the being released in October 2017, Anastacia commenced the Evolution Tour in April 2018, with over 70 dates running through the year.

From the beginning, Anastacia has lived, learnt, resurrected and evolved.

And found herself again she most certainly has.

Anastacia, welcome back!